Environmental Access Home Modifications


Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment is proud to announce the addition of environmental access home modifications to our specialized line of services. RMME’s Certified Environmental Access Consultants work directly with the client's physical/occupational therapist to make recommended modifications for:

  • Safe and accessible entryways;
  • Adaptations to ease the difficulties of limited reach, hand strength, and dexterity;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Lighting adjustments;
  • Lifts, ramps, and other safety equipment
bathroom before suggested modifications

A bathroom before modifications

bathroom after suggested modifications

The same bathroom after modifications

CEAC's Mission:
The C.E.A.C. certification was created to reduce the disparity in training and practice found among professionals who evaluate the environmental access needs of the elderly and physically challenged, as well as to promote independence and empowerment among the disabled and elderly.

The credential was launched to answer the distinct need for formal education, validation, and credibility in this rapidly exploding field. Certified professionals gain valuable career enhancement that can be immediately applied to their professional careers.

*The CEAC's Mission statement has been quoted directly from the CEAC's website.