Incontinence Products

  Incontinence products are designed for every single one of us, because loss of bladder/bowel control can affect anyone, at any stage of life. Our commitment to providing high quality products will allow you or your loved one to get back to living your life without worry.

For Women:

raised toilet seat toilet safety rails commode

All Day Protection

Moderate/Max Absorbency

Piece of Mind

Light Absorbency

Over Night Leakage Protection

Maximum Absorbency

Our team of certified incontinence experts can assist you with making the correct product decision to ensure your satisfaction.

For Men:

shower chair shower bench transfer bench


Maximum Absorbency

Leakage Protection

Light to Moderate Absorbency

Designed for Men

Moderate/Heavy Absorbency

Did you know that Colorado Medicaid may cover incontinence products that are prescribed by your physician?  Call our office today and we will assist in determining if you qualify for coverage.

For Children:


Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment offers a variety of products and services designed specifically to meet your needs.  Our friendly staff will contact you each and every month to confirm your next shipment.  Your supplies will arrive at your front door in a discreet unmarked package to protect your privacy.  Our customer service team are standing by to assist you with your product selection and establishing your monthly product requirements.



bathroom grab bars