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Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards:

Note: This is an abbreviated version of the supplier standards every Medicare DMEPOS supplier must meet in order to obtain and retain their billing privileges.

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The Ordering Process:

Documentation required is based on insurance and Medicare's guidelines.

Customer Information-
To process an order, basic information is needed: name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.

Insurance will not cover equipment or service without a prescription. The prescription must include the customer name, the equipment needed, how long the equipment is needed for, and the diagnosis for which the equipment is needed. Items that do not require a prescription can be purchased from our online store.

Insurance Information-
To verify coverage and benefits and quote prices, the name of the insurance and the customer's policy/ID number are necessary. We will need to know if Medicare, Medicaid, and/or any other insurance is involved.

Customized Equipment:

Evaluation for Custom Equipment-
Evaluations are done face-to-face, either in our store or in the customer's home. A specialist will recommend the most appropriate equipment and solutions based on diagnosis, doctor recommendations, living environment, and customer preference.

Clinical Documentation -
For customized equipment, in addition to the prescription, clinical documentation is required from your physician and/or therapist to prove medical necessity.

Prior Authorization and Funding:

Equipment or service cannot be provided without insurance authorization or customer payment.


All equipment is adjusted and fitted to you, and comprehensive instruction is given in its care, maintenance and general operation.